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If someone is cursing our family, our city or our country, we as people of God need to come with spiritual warfare and declare the TRUTH of the Lord over our lives.

The Untold music festival started the marketing campaign with a quote that spiritually made me sick when I noticed it on the streets:

“World Capital of Night and Magic”

The enemy tries to bring people into agreement to declare curses and destruction over nations. And while doing it, it’s lying people that these are just words and that and that the songs are just music. While God wants to poor His blessings over our lives, we as believers need to come in unity and declare Lord’s words over us, our cities and nations.

This is how it came to me the idea of launching this campaign of releasing PROPHETIC blessings, of declaring Gods love, protection, care, blessings over our cities. I did not wanted to make this campaign only for Cluj-Napoca, my city, but to use it as an opportunity for everybody to be a light in their own homeland.

So I declare that Cluj-Napoca is the world capital of LIGHT & BLESSINGS! That the Lord is gathering his end-times warriors from this city and from all over the World. That He is strengthening his mighty army of men and women that spreads his love, peace and kindness where ever they go while being surrounded by heavenly blessings!

So please share this page, and like inHim Ministry Facebook advertising, while leaving all over comments of blessings over our cities.

Thanks for being part of this campaign of spreading LIGHT and BLESSINGS all over the earth and being Lords agents of restoration.

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Bogdan Graur

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